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Thank you for visiting Daggett Design. My name is Amy Daggett. I have been a freelance graphic designer and art director for over 25 years now and have more than 25 years of experience in print design, web design and photography. I aim to please! That is my motto, my mantra, my saying…you get the gist. If you come to me wanting a logo for your business I try my very best to understand what your company means to you and what you are trying to get across to your clients.


I received my Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Arizona State University in 1993. There I learned many skills that I have since fine tuned and adapted to a new and exciting skill set. Every day I learn something new about working in the graphic design industry. I always say, you can never know too much! I have over 25 years of experience in print design, and almost 17 years of web design under my belt. I can design anything from a business system, to tee shirts, to a city bus. And I can help you transition your business “idea” into a reality by creating a corporate identity your audience will never forget. I am a Photoshop MASTER! I’m not kidding. I can do it all! You want those silly blemishes removed from your face, why yes, I can remove those for you. I am almost as fluent with Adobe Illustrator…but I have to say I am still learning neat new tricks every now and then.

I have been doing print design now since 1993. A lot has changed over the years and the programs to do print have adapted to the new technologies. Digital presses have changed the world of print design dramatically. With variable data you can customize your customer’s experience with print.

Need a website? I can do that too! I have almost 16 years of web design under my belt. From banner ads to marketing emails and fully functional responsive websites. I have done almost everything that you would need to get a business up and running on the web.

I am a photographer too. I am still learning a thing or two about digital photography and I have my Photoshop and Lightroom skills to back up my knowledge of digital photography. I have been practicing photography since I was ten years old! I can’t tell you how old I am, because, well, that would just be taboo! It’s well over a quarter of a century that I have been studying great photography. If it gives you any idea how long I’ve been at it I learned with an actual film camera. I have since converted to digital. I am a Canon fanatic. Unfortunately, I don’t shoot weddings as of yet…not enough equipment or clones of me for that matter. If you would like to see some of my photography visit my other website at www.daggettphoto.com and check it out!


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