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Websites • Logos • Print Design • Illustrations • Fine Art • Digital Photography • Retouching

Go ahead. Name it. I dare you!
I can design it.

I create responsive websites that have it all: beauty and brains.

I illustrate drawings and paintings that can elicit emotions.

I take photographs that inspire your wildest dreams.

The 411

Extremely Creative / Highly Detail Oriented / Remarkably Versatile

Talented, highly energetic, results-producing Graphic Designer with a proven record of accomplishment in planning, leading, and designing targeted, effective designs to suit both client desires and business goals. My experience includes creative direction, art and photo direction, graphic as well as online and offline design to include web design, production artist, electronic image manipulation, photography and illustration.

I’m an expert at combining the client desires, business goals, good user experiences, and design best practices into an effective design for print or the web. I work great in high-pressure environments, am extremely detail oriented, and have experience in a wide range of mediums and techniques.

I graduated in 1993 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts focusing in Graphic Design from Arizona State University.

In the Industry

I have worked for more than 29 years in print and web publication. I am a seasoned Creative Director and Graphic Designer and have owned my own freelance graphic design business for over 29 years now. I have experience working with internal teams and external clients to get a project completed from receiving the problem to solve or the goal of the project, to developing the concept and finally, to the completion of the design and finished print or web product.

I worked as an Art Director for four years for Action Performance Companies, Inc. I was in charge of all corporate print production some of which included annual reports, corporate catalogs, brochures and flyers. In addition, I was responsible for many other projects for which I was solely responsible for design, art direction, and photo direction.

For over 10 years I was responsible for all print and web marketing for Allegro Medical, Inc. At Allegro Medical, I was responsible for working with both the Marketing and IT departments as well as the chief officers to develop design concepts and completed designs to fit their needs.


Over the years I have grown with the Graphic Design and Photography industries. Going from old-school web printing to new digital variable data presses and traditional film photography to digital photography and digital photo retouching.


I am always upfront and honest with my clients. This is a trait that I think is a necessity for an artist. Working honest can benefit you immensely. The final product will be a better combination of what you desire and what I perceive of your desires.


I graduated from Arizona State University in 1993 with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art focusing in Graphic Design. My passions are great design that moves your audience and photography that captures unique moments frozen in time.

My history is what makes me unique.

For many years I loved to draw, paint, and do photography. When I was growing up my passion was illustration of natural objects such as butterflies, insects and small animals. Then there was the occasional fantasy painting or cartoon drawing piled in my plethora of sketches and drawings. I expanded my love for art by learning how to do photography. I learned on a traditional film camera and then later expanded by moving to digital photography.

I learned how to do the most amazing things with the camera. All the while, painting and drawing so much that I was running out of space for all of my artwork. I graduated high school and decided to pursue my love for art by accomplishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, focused in Graphic Design. 

I became a Senior Graphic Designer for Insight, Art Director for Action Performance Companies, Web Designer for Allegro Medical, and finally Creative Director, Fine Artist and Photographer for Daggett Creative. I use each and every one of the skills that I learned in each of these jobs in business every day.

Call me today to find out what I can do for your business! 

My wonderful clientele that I have worked with for over twenty eight years during my artistic career: